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What do Sunday morning experiences look like?

At Goodlettsville Pentecostal (GPC), we want you to feel welcome from the moment you drive on campus. There are visitor parking spots in the front parking lot that have been reserved just for you. Once in the door, you will be greeted by smiling friendly faces, complimentary refreshments and coffee, and assistance from the team to find a seat and enjoy your worship experience at GPC. Doors open at least 30 minutes before service time so we encourage you to come early to have plenty to time to enjoy your coffee, check your child into our children’s ministry, visit the bookstore to shop, or go to the Hub if you have general questions or need directions .
Service begins at 10:00 am with a period of worship, followed by a brief time of preliminaries which will consist of offering, announcements, and promotional videos or life testimonies that will encourage and inspire. A second set of worship songs will follow-up after preliminaries and lead us into the message and then altar service. Children will be dismissed to their classes shortly before the message. The dismissal will appear on the large screen so you do not have to worry about missing this moment.

What will happen when I visit for the first time?

As a visitor, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. We do not wish to embarrass you at all. There will be a point in our service where the ushers will distribute visitor bags containing a visitor card that we would like for you to complete and place in the offering bucket when offering is received. We consider this your offering contribution. In order to receive your green bag, all you will have to do is raise your hand and the usher will give you one. Included in the bag, is a gift voucher for you. If you wish to receive the small token that we have prepared as a thank you for your attendance, please stop by the Hub on your way out of service and the team will be happy to give it to you. We would love to meet you face-to-face and say thanks! We are glad that you chose to visit GPC and hope that your experience is pleasing and that you will visit it again soon.

What do worship experiences look like?

We are a Pentecostal church and we practice active worship as part of praise to God. Active worship is a form of outward praise and may look like people raising their hands, running around the sanctuary, and praying aloud. This is not meant to make you feel uncomfortable and we do not expect you to worship in this manner if you do not feel comfortable doing so. That is why we emphasize our desire for you worship the way you feel most comfortable. That is completely acceptable and ok to do. We at GPC understand that everyone’s idea of worship is different and we believe that individuals should be allowed to worship as they feel most comfortable, therefore, please know that you are free to worship as you may like, there is no expectation here.

What about my children?

GPC prides themselves in their children’s ministry, “Promise Kids”. This ministry is staffed with wonderful teachers and staff that have a passion for children’s ministry. Rest assured that your child is in a clean and safe environment and will be well taken care of during their time in Sunday School class. The ambience of Sunday School is interactive, fun and educational as lessons are taught and activities prepared that will challenge use of all of your child’s five senses. Our goal is that they leave excited about Jesus and ready to come back and learn more next week.

Why do you have Growth Groups?

Growth groups are another way of connecting at GPC. They are small groups consisting of about 20 – 25 people that come together in someone’s home to hear the word and discuss in a healthy manner to help each individual grow and learn more about the Word of God and each other. This is a type of connection that we thrive on at GPC. It is part of our culture and belief system which enforces the importance of fellowship. Pastor says it best when he says it keeps the “fellow in the ship.”

What is the Discipleship Journey Program?

Along your journey, if you decide you would like to become more involved and connected in our church, we have steps in place that allow you to do just that. These steps are referred to as “Discipleship Journey” and consist of six total steps. Along the journey, you will have a quick meet-n-greet with pastor and the Senior Leadership Team to learn more of this program and ask any questions you may have about GPC. There are four classes offered along your journey which help you to understand more about our church and what we believe. The last and final step is using the knowledge you’ve gathered to stay connected through volunteering in different areas of the church that need assistance. There are many different opportunities in GPC to become involved and getting involved is your best way of connecting with others and the church. Please visit Starting Point at the Hub if you would like more information about Discipleship Journey.

What is the culture of GPC?

The culture of GPC is based on the 3 L’s: Loving, Living and Learning. All of which are displayed in the transparent stories of real people that have experienced life’s challenges and found answer to their problems in God’s Word and connection with others that share the same passion for Christ at GPC. There is a saying that pastor frequently says that has kind of became a GPC motto: “Where’s the VIP section?” And all the saints say, RIGHT HERE, because in reality we are all Very Important People to Jesus and to GPC church. Our culture is that everyone realizes we are all VIP’s!!

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